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Culler Middle School is a professional learning community with a tradition of service, a culture of collaboration, and a commitment to student learning.

The Cougar Connection

March 2021

Letter from our Principal

Culler Community,

Phew! We successfully completed the month of February with its days of fierce cold, snow, and ice! Not only did we complete it, but we as a community, THRIVED! As we have continued our equity work, we worked to honor Black History Month through Student Council making daily announcements and through our Door Decorating Contest, which was featured on 10/11 and shown before a board meeting!

As we approach 4th quarter, our goal is to keep our instruction strong and to continue to deepen our positive relationships with students. We also start our planning process for summer professional growth and have our eye on the 2021-2022 school year.

We would LOVE parent input as we start planning for a school year where we are hopefully seeing a close to this historic pandemic. Please consider joining my Zoom Room for our next Virtual Parent-Community Engagement meeting:

Please click on this LINK to join in!!

  • March 23rd @ 5pm
  • May 18th @ 5pm


Thanks again for your valued partnership!!

Michaela Hahn
Michaela Hahn


Upcoming Dates

March 8-12
Spring Break- No School

March 16
Early release at 1:40pm

March 23
Parent-Community Engagement Meeting (Virtual) 5:00-5:45pm

March 30
Early release at 1:40pm

April 2
No School

April 13
Early release at 1:40pm

April 27
Early release at 1:40pm

MTSS-B Information

Culler Community:

During the week of February 17-19, Kindness Week was celebrated at Culler. To celebrate, students were asked to do the following kind acts:

Say something positive on social media

Do something helpful without being asked

Put an inspirational quote on a sticky note and put it on the wall next to the library

Please let me know if you have any questions related to MTSS-B!

KIm Rathe


People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
but they will never forget
how you made them feel

Maya Angelou

Cougar Den // Malone Center Events

Hello Cougar Families!

Wow, our 3rd quarter is almost finished! It’s been a really successful quarter at our CLC program. We have created a partnership with The Bay and they are helping us run three new clubs; our new “Skate School” is drawing the most interest! If you have a student who is interested in joining our CLC, please click here to enroll into our program! 

Below we will highlight our February CLC Students of the Month! Thank you for showing us how to be safe, responsible, and respectful! 

  • Madi Anno
  • Mallory Lassen
  • Colin Copley
  • Addie Bratt
  • Nicole Kuta
  • Zander Palmer
  • Josh Tremain
  • Chloe Davis
  • Edgar Misula
  • Jasmine Chavez
  • Alexander Trumblee
  • Andreas Camacho-Felix
  • Yahir Gutierrez Munos
  • C.J. Washington
  • Eli Mai
  • Keegan Milius
  • Lesli Guerra-Avalos

As always, if you have any questions or conerns, please email me at!

7th & 8th Grade Intramurals

Hello Cougar Families!

Welcome to March and much warmer weather!

We just wrapped up our 7th and 8th grade boys basketball season! Both grades did an outstanding job this season. I was proud of each player in how they gave their best efforts each and every day! The basketball coaches thank the athletes for their work all season and we look forward to basketball next school year! I would also like to thank the parents and guardians for your willingness to have your son play this year. Also, for making sure they were picked up on time after practices and games. Much appreciated!

Our final athletic season this school year will be TRACK AND FIELD! If your son or daughter is interested in going out for track this year, please have them pay attention to the morning announcements coming up. There will be plenty of information to come as we get closer to the season. If you have any questions regarding track season please get a hold of me and I will certainly help you out.

If you have any questions regarding Culler Athletics, please feel free as always to contact me here at the school at or 436-1210.

Jeff Willams
Culler MS Athletic Director

Thanks and GO COUGARS!!!

The Culler Library

Empower learners to be curious, critical, and creative thinkers; enthusiastic readers; skillful researchers; and conscientious digital citizens.

Culler Library Mission

No Fines at the Lincoln City Libraries!

LPS students can check out up to four items from the Lincoln City Libraries and not incur any fines. It’s super simple! Just give the city librarian your student ID number when checking out items.

Digital Citizenship Tips

Password security is one of the key components of Digital Citizenship instruction in LPS. Students learn strategies to create strong passwords, and how to avoid having their password stolen. Create a plan to manage passwords and discuss what makes a password hard for others to guess.

Library Staff

Ms. Haack

Mr. Saddler

ELL Information

Culler ELL Teachers

Mrs. Grace

Mrs. Jurgens-Woitzel

Mr. Pabst

Ms. Petersen

Ms. Munter

Mr. Shanahan

Level Movement

Moving up an ELL level is based upon many different factors. Ultimately, a student must be proficient in several areas at their current level to move up a level. We will be making level changes during the week of March 1st. If your child moves up an ELL level, they will receive a letter at school that they should bring home to you. They should also check Synergy for their new quarter four schedule. If you have any questions regarding your child’s current ELL level, please contact one of their ELL teachers.

Summer School for Level 1 Students

All level 1 students have the opportunity to attend summer school at Culler this summer. The dates are June 1-June 25 from 8:00-3:00. The morning consists of students rotating through academic areas while the afternoon will consist of enrichment activities provided by CLC. Breakfast, lunch and transportation are all provided.This is an excellent way for students to continue learning English through the summer. To sign up, students will be bringing a form home that should be filled out and returned to school by April 1st.

RAZ Kids for ELL Students

Many parents ask what their child can work on at home to improve their reading. RAZ Kids is a reading program that all students in ELL levels newcomer-2 have access to. Students are able to log on, listen, read, and take quizzes on stories at their reading level. The program automatically moves students up reading levels as they complete stories. Encourage your child to use RAZ Kids at home, even for just 10-20 minutes a night.

Late Bus for ELL Students!

ELL students, who ALREADY receive bussing to and from school because they live outside of the Culler attendance area, have the option to take a late bus that departs at 4:45 in order to stay after school for the Cougar Den after school program, clubs, academic support, and/or intramurals. Students may sign up anytime, but we ask that if your child signs up, they commit to taking it consistently (more than once a week) to keep their name on the list. If interested in the late bus, students should ask their teacher for a permission slip to have you sign and return to school.



Aqeel Fadhil
(402) 436-1715


Sudanese Dialect

Hager Mohamed
(402) 436-1958


Marta Boucher
(402) 436-1763


Khudhur Ali
(402) 436-1994


Kmwe Paw
(402) 436-1434 Mooku Taw filling in for Kmwe until mid-March,


Toan Tran
(402) 436-1955


Tosh Jock
(402) 436-1892

Russian / Ukrainian

Ellie Kasab
(402) 436-1942

Staff Member Spotlight

Culler has so many amazing staff members that show up each day, exemplify a positive attitude and go above & beyond for other staff members and the students we serve!

The following staff members were nominated by their peers to be spotlighted for their hard work and dedication!

Kim Coffman

Web 1920 – 2

Kim is great because she cares so much for her students. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all of the different needs of the students in her classroom. She’s a team player and is always flexible when things arise. She shows up each day with a positive attitude.

Kyren Kunz

Web 1920 – 1

Everything makes Kyren great!!

Kyren always responds to calls quickly and with a smile on his face. He has also been on the front lines for a full year of Covid keeping our building clean and safe. He is always here for snow when we all get to stay home, warm in our jammies! Thank you Kyren!!

Kyren is the best! No matter the task or situation he always has an upbeat, positive attitude. Even in unforeseen circumstances Kyren somehow remains optimistic. Culler is so lucky to have him!

Ashlea Jurgens-Woitzel

Web 1920 – 3

Ashlea is SUPER organized, always helps everyone(outside of ELL too) and does amazing at all of her responsibilities.

Ashlea is always so sweet and has a smile on her face. She is willing to help out however she can. You can tell she always has students’ best interest in mind and goes above and beyond for them.

Culler Counseling

Providing hope for the future, giving students the strength and courage to persevere.

Class of 2027

Happy Spring!

We will all be glad to see warmer temperatures and more sunshine! Here are a few reminders for 6th grade students and families as we move into 4th quarter.

  • Check out the Birght Lights website HERE for summer learning opportunities.
  • Encourage your student to end the year strong! Keep routines in place and monitor Parent Vue for incomplete assignments
  • As the weather improves and with extra daylight hours encourage your children to put video games and cell phones down and go outside
Margaret Pass
Margaret Pass

Class of 2026

Greetings 7th grade parents. We will be choosing our 8th grade ACEs (non-core classes) classes this month, and one of the things I’ve been talking to your students about is how their interests fit with their career choices. I encourage you to have a conversation with your students about what they want to do post-secondary, and what steps they need to start taking right now in order to accomplish those goals. One thing I’m going to encourage my students to do is choose classes (ACEs in 8th grade and classes for high school) that fit their interests, and are aligned with what they want to do for a career. This will enable them to start developing skills important for that career, and also to see if that’s what they would really like to do after high school.

If you need assistance with these conversations, or would like more information on planning for post-secondary education, please reach out to me-

Thanks, and take care.

Logan Waite
Logan Waite

Class of 2025

High school choice and registration is now complete. Thank you for your help with these important choices for your students. High school counselors are emailing information to families and to students through their LPS email account. Please encourage your student to check their email and the Class of 2025 Classroom frequently.

Any student who wants to be a part of high school athletics or activities should go HERE and fill out the high school athletics and activities interest survey. You may also go to the LPS homepage and type in the jump code OKYR. This form closes at the end of third quarter. After that, please contact your high school for information.

Bright Lights is seeking current eighth-graders to apply to be Camp Assistants. Camp Assistants make a difference in campers’ lives and gain valuable life skills while having fun. This summer volunteer opportunity allows students to explore their interests while developing resume-worthy skills. Most camps are held at Holmes Elementary. For more information and to apply, visit Visit the Keyword JELO for details about this and other opportunities, or contact Jodi at

As always, please contact me with questions you may have. or 402-436-1210 or for students: RAR3.

Sherri Robinson
Sherri Robinson

Technology for Learning

Testing Season is upon us!

It’s said a body needs 8 hours of sleep every night. That’s especially true during testing season. Student Chromebooks also need a good night of charging. Please help your students remember to bring their Chromebooks, fully charged, every day.

The most frequently used, approved, and supported ITTs are made available to students and staff in the LPS Portal []. Students access their LPS Portal by clicking the ‘HOME’ button on their Chromebook. 

Need a conversation starter with your student? Ask them for a tour of their LPS Portal and which ITTs they are currently using in class.

Support for Students Learning Remotely

Remote Learning Supports

Stop by the LPS website and enter the word “remote” into the Search, Keyword field in the top-right.

The Student Support page on the Remote Learning site has links to valuable resources to support your student while learning from home. Make sure your students are familiar with the information about how to successfully connect with their teachers using StudentVue.

The Parent and Guardian Support page is filled with valuable information designed to help you help your student. Familiarize yourself with the “10 Remote Learning Things to Know.”

LPS Help Desk is available

Is your student having trouble connecting to their classes? The LPS Help Desk is available to help! Call 402-436-1735 between 7:00am-4:30pm Mon-Fri.

Black History Month Door Competition

In the month of February Culler Middle School staff and students, decorated more than 40 of their doors to celebrate Black History Month.

Featured on 10/11 News

Subject of LPS Glimpses