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Culler Middle School is a professional learning community with a tradition of service, a culture of collaboration, and a commitment to student learning.

The Cougar Connection

March 2023

Letter from our Principal

Culler Community,

As we wrap up this 3rd quarter, we continue to be impressed with our students’ commitment to being a positive member of the community! For example:

Additionally, we will have 2 Parent Community Events this week:

Thanks for your continued partnership!!

Michaela Hahn
Michaela Hahn


Upcoming Dates

March 8th
Food Market from 3:05—3:30 p.m.

March 9th
Choir Concert at 6:00 p.m.

March 13th—17th
No School

March 24th
8th Grade Dance from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

March 28th
PLC Dismissal at 1:40 p.m.

MTSS-B Information

The Cullerbration included 173 students who met the goals of no minor behaviors and no tardies in the month of February.  Students celebrated with breakfast and game time.

Our students have also been focusing on kindness during the month of February.  As a school we are creating a kindness chain with examples of kindness actions towards others.

Students of the Month

8th Grade Students of the Month

7th Grade Students of the Month

Lily Duong (Not Pictured)

6th Grade Students of the Month

7th & 8th Grade Intramurals

Happy February Cougars!

Welcome to March!  It’s nice to see the weather start to slowly warm up and we are able to get outside more. Spring fever has certainly hit us!

Our winter season of athletics wrapped up at the end of February with our 7th and 8th grade boys basketball teams ending their seasons.  Both grades had a good run!  I would like to personally thank the 8th graders that gave so much passion and effort over the last two years for us.  We wish them the best of luck as they move into high school basketball next year!

For the month of March, we will be entering our last athletic season, which will be TRACK!  Practices will be beginning shortly and an announcement on what exact day will be coming.  If your 7th/8th grade son or daughter is interested in TRACK, have them pay attention to the morning announcements for important information on when we are starting.  TRACK involves way more than just running.  There are short and long distance races, as well as field events that the students can compete in.  Being part of a team and building self confidence are just a few things why TRACK is so great!  Our first meet should be around April 1st.  The schedule as of this writing has not been released yet by the district.

If you have any questions, regarding TRACK please reach out to me and I will get all those questions answered.  You can email me, or call the school if that’s easiest.  Thanks in advance for all your support and we look forward to a great finish to Culler Middle School Athletics!!




Culler Athletic Director  402-436-1210

The Culler Library

Empower learners to be curious, critical, and creative thinkers; enthusiastic readers; skillful researchers; and conscientious digital citizens.

Have You Seen the News?

LPS students can read newspapers from around the world in NewsBank. They can even read today’s paper or check out the archives! You’ll find this resource helpful for class assignments and research projects. Find the link to NewsBank in the LPS Portal.

Need a Library Book Now?

Borrow and read one of the thousands of high-interest, popular books in AV2 Fiction, AV2 Non-Fiction, AV2 World Languages, ABDO, and Lightbox.

  • Go to
  • Log in with your LPS credentials. Contact your school office if your student does not know his/her username and password.
  • Search the portal for “ebook” and select one of the options shown below
  • Browse and select a book to read!

Digital Citizenship Tips

Password security is one of the key components of Digital Citizenship instruction in LPS. Students learn strategies to create strong passwords, and how to avoid having their passwords stolen. Create a plan to manage passwords and discuss what makes a password hard for others to guess.

Library Staff

Mrs. Vlasin-Poore

Mrs. Ahmed

ELL Information

Culler ELL Teachers

Ms. Deras

Ms. Westlund

Mr. Pabst

Ms. Petersen

Mrs. Rodell

Mr. Shanahan


Students have been working very hard on finishing their ELPA21 Assessments! We will finish testing all students this week. If your student needs to finish, please keep encouraging them to do their best! Assessment results are projected to arrive in May.

Level Movement

Moving up an ELL level is based upon many different factors. Ultimately, a student must be proficient in several areas at their current level to move up a level. We will be making level changes right before Spring Break. If your child moves up an ELL level, they will receive a letter at school that they should bring home to you. They should also check Synergy for their new quarter four schedule. If you have any questions regarding your child’s current ELL level, please contact one of their ELL teachers.

RAZ Kids for ELL students

Many parents ask what their child can work on at home to improve their reading. RAZ Kids is a reading program that all students in ELL levels newcomer-2 have access to. Students are able to log on, listen, read, and take quizzes on stories at their reading level. The program automatically moves students up reading levels as they complete stories. Encourage your child to use RAZ Kids at home, even for just 10-20 minutes a night.

Late Bus for ELL Students

ELL students, who ALREADY receive bussing to and from school because they live outside of the Culler attendance area, have the option to take a late bus that departs at 4:45 in order to stay after school for the Cougar Den after school program, clubs, academic support, and/or intramurals. Students may sign up anytime, but we ask that if your child signs up, they commit to taking it consistently (more than once a week) to keep their name on the list. If interested in the late bus, students should ask their teacher for a permission slip to have you sign and return to school.



Aqeel Fadhil
(402) 436-1715


Sudanese Dialect

Hager Mohamed
(402) 436-1958


Marta Boucher
(402) 436-1763


Khudhur Ali
(402) 436-1994


Kmwe Paw
(402) 436-1434


Toan Tran
(402) 436-1955

Russian / Ukrainian

Olena Petrova
(402) 436-1942


Rabia Rashidi
(402) 436-1832

Culler Counseling

Providing hope for the future, giving students the strength and courage to persevere.

Hello Culler Community,

As we draw closer to Spring Break, we would like to remind all families to continue to encourage students to do well in school and especially attend school on a regular basis. Regular school attendance is proven to increase academic growth, and also prepares students for high school and beyond. Quarter 3 can be especially tough for students as school fatigue, cold weather and less sunlight really start to set in. The good thing, though, is that spring is just around the corner and will be the perfect time for students to set new goals before the end of the year. If any of your students need any academic, social/emotional or career help please have them reach out to their grade level counselor.

Some updates for each grade level

  • 6th grade will be talking about transitioning to 7th grade in classes during Quarter 4. Please talk to your students about finishing the year out strong.
  • 7th graders are doing ACES/Electives course selection for 8th grade right now. Most students have done this with Mrs. Peterson in class, but if your student has not done it yet, please have them connect with Mrs. Peterson as soon as possible.
  • Middle School Medical Sciences Exploration Camp for 7th and 8th graders in June at Northwest High School.

Thank you!

Logan Waite
Logan Waite

6th Grade

Haley Peterson
Haley Peterson

7th Grade

Margaret Pass
Margaret Pass

8th Grade

Technology for Learning

Parent Surveys

Every three years the Nebraska Department of Education asks Nebraska school districts to send out K-12 parent surveys to parents who have a child with a disability and are receiving special education services from LPS. The survey opens today, and takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. The survey window is open through March 31, 2023. Please visit their website to complete the survey.

The information you provide helps us make special education services better for students and families, both in LPS and statewide.  We appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey. Questions contact the special education office at 402-436-1905.


Digital Citizenship Presentation from SCIP

Families, we are seeing an increase of school disruptions that begin with inappropriate conversations on social media outside of school. Digital Citizenship is something we teach at Lincoln Public Schools. We encourage you to also have a conversation with your child about responsible digital citizenship to help reinforce these lessons.

We would also like to remind you that most social media user agreements (Like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok) do not allow full use of their apps for anyone under the age of 13. This means elementary and most middle school students should NOT have access or be using social media according to these apps and their terms of service.

For more and tips about social media use, you can visit these resources:

ParentVue is a component of the LPS Student Information System that allows parents/guardians to:

  • Access class information
  • Obtain email addresses to message teachers
  • Monitor attendance & report all-day absences 24×7
  • View and print report cards
  • Secondary Only: Monitor grades & automatically receive notifications when a grade falls below a selected level

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